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Shenda Electric bucks the trend and breaks through the booming production and sales
Recently, the large-scale transformers of the model SFZ11-16000/220-66 exported to North Korea by Shenda Electric Group were successfully shipped. "This is the first 220kv product ever produced by the company, which not only marks that our company has stepped up to a new level in the production of large transformers, but also represents that the company has officially entered the ranks of the production of products with the highest voltage level in our province. "Wang Chunxiang, the general manager of the group, told the reporter happily that in addition, a SF9-100000/132-11 transformer produced by the company will also be shipped to Iraq in the near future.   
        Under the influence of the international financial crisis, the power transmission and transformation production industry has been greatly impacted. How can "Shenda" break through against the trend and achieve a boom in production and sales? Wang Chunxiang said that it is the company's continuously expanding production capacity, sound marketing network and perfect service system that enable Shenda to seize the opportunity of development.   
        In recent years, Shenda Electric has invested more than 100 million yuan to introduce advanced production equipment, hire expert technicians, send technicians out for training from time to time, continuously develop new products, and expand production capacity. Moreover, every process from product design, raw material selection to production and installation of each transformer must go through self-inspection, mutual inspection and special inspection before leaving the factory, so as to fully ensure product quality. At the same time, with the continuous expansion of production capacity, the original plant can no longer meet the needs of production. In 2008, the company invested more than 15 million yuan to introduce large-scale advanced production equipment, and built a 220kv transformer production workshop, specializing in the production of 110kv transformers. High voltage and large capacity transformers above. From 110 kV to 220 kV voltage, from 50,000 kVA to 100,000 kVA capacity, the increasing production capacity has won more and more markets for the company.   
        At the same time, since 2007, Shenda Electric has gradually taken the improvement of the marketing network as an important strategy for the company's development. It has successively established offices in 7 cities, including Hangzhou, Beijing, Wuhan, Xi'an, Taiyuan, Chengdu, and Chongqing, and gradually expanded the company. Sales and service radius, stabilizing old customers and developing new customers. In order to further develop overseas markets and develop overseas business, in March 2009, the company also hired a number of college students to formally establish the International Trade Department, specializing in overseas trade. While improving the sales network, Shenda Electric started from the details, improved the service tracking system, provided customers with lifelong maintenance services for products, and applied for overseas passports for more than 20 technical personnel of the company to facilitate service for foreign customers. Meticulous and thoughtful service has won the company the favor of many customers. In 2009, the company's products have successfully entered the markets of Jordan, Sudan, Iraq, and North Korea.   
        With the increase of the export proportion of enterprises, Shenda Electric is also paying more and more attention to the development of overseas markets. The "CE" mark is a safety certification mark in the EU region. All products with the "CE" mark can be freely circulated within the EU member states. For this reason, the company started to carry out "CE" certification work since 2007, and actively met the international standardization requirements. After hard work, it finally successfully obtained "CE" certification, obtained a pass to enter the EU market, and entered the Turkish market. In addition, due to the differences between the production standards of products sold overseas and domestic standards, the company will formulate a detailed production management plan after signing the sales contract, select capable technical personnel, and track the production process in accordance with international standards. .   
        Relying on technological innovation to expand production capacity and improve the marketing network, "Shenda" has won a vast market, enabling the company to successfully break through against the trend and still maintain the development trend of both production and sales. In 2009, the company's annual output was 6.2 million kVA, an increase of 26.3% year-on-year; There are more than 70 million orders waiting for production.




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