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Great River Energy Uses ‘Magic Balls’ To Improve Power Line Capacity

March 22, 2024 by Jake Hertz

A collaboration with Heimdall Power has significantly improved Great River Energy’s power line capacity.

To make the power grid more reliable and secure, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has set new regulatory requirements for 2025. These requirements emphasize enhanced grid resilience, greater integration of renewable energy sources and energy storage use, and cybersecurity measures.

To help push the state of the electrical grid forward, Heimdall Power and Great River Energy embarked on a project to deploy Heimdall’s advanced line-monitoring hardware in the field. This article examines Heimdall’s sensing technology and the results of the collaborative project.


Heimdall Neuron monitor.

Heimdall Neuron monitor. Image used courtesy of Heimdall Power


Heimdall Power’s Neuron

The Heimdall Neuron is an advanced industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) device engineered for meticulous monitoring of high-voltage power lines

The essence of the Neuron's functionality lies in its ability to provide real-time, accurate data on critical electrical parameters such as voltage, current, line frequency, line diameter, and temperature. This data is crucial for utilities to ensure the efficient operation and reliability of power distribution networks. The device's design accommodates a wide range of voltages (0-550 kV) and current levels (0-3000 A), making it versatile for any scale project. Furthermore, its operational temperature range (-40 to 248oF) demonstrates its resilience across diverse environmental conditions.


Operating specifications of a Heimdall Neuron.

Operating specifications of a Heimdall Neuron. Image used courtesy of Heimdall Power


The device's plug-and-play nature is key to its implementation, which facilitates effortless installation via hot-stick or drone and ensures operational readiness with minimal setup. It supports essential metrics such as voltage, current, line frequency, line diameter, and temperature, spanning a broad operational spectrum. Moreover, it supports firmware updates over the air and reliable communication through LTE-M and NB-IOT protocols.

The Neuron also complies with FERC Order 881, marking it as a trusted solution in the energy sector. The Neuron has been used by more than 35 utilities in 17 countries.


Heimdall and Great River Energy

To further demonstrate the efficacy of Heimdall Neurons, Great River Energy recently divulged its collaboration with Heimdall Power.

By integrating Heimdall Power’s innovative, sphere-shaped sensors onto its power lines, Great River Energy has managed to increase its power line capacity by an impressive 25% on average, with peaks reaching as high as 42.8% on specific lines. The project employed the Neurons to collect and analyze data on current, line angle, temperature, and weather conditions. The teams then used machine learning algorithms to further analyze and refine the process, ensuring that capacity adjustments were accurate and timely. Ultimately, the project enabled a shift from static to dynamic line ratings, effectively increasing the capacity of power lines and unveiling previously unknown instances of lines being overloaded, thereby enhancing grid reliability and safety.

According to Great River Energy, this initiative comes when the demand for electricity is expected to nearly double over the next 30 years, posing a formidable challenge for grid operators across the United States. Traditionally, the discrepancy between potential electricity production and the actual capacity to distribute it has led to significant inefficiencies, with many operators resorting to costly and time-consuming infrastructure expansions. However, Great River Energy's approach, enhancing the existing infrastructure’s efficiency through real-time data analytics and dynamic line rating, presents an innovative and scalable solution.


A More Reliable Grid

As demand growth and regulatory changes increase pressure on the power grid, Great River Energy's proactive measures, facilitated by Heimdall Power’s technology, exemplify the forward-thinking needed to navigate the future of energy distribution. This partnership not only sets a precedent for utilizing existing infrastructure more effectively but also underscores the crucial role of technology in achieving sustainability and efficiency in the energy sector.

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