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Power Transformer

35kV, 66kV, 110kV, 220kV, 330kV  power transformers produced by Shenda comply with standard  IEC 60076 and requirements of three phase immersed power transformer”. The core is made of superior grain-oriented cold- rolled silicon steel sheets and all inclined lapped joints without drilled holes while the coils are made of copper free of Oxygen with beautiful appearance and safe running. They are widely applied to power transmission & distribution of urban & rual network. These transformers are widely applied to eletrolysis, transmission, traction, DC transmission and electrostatic precipitation fields. These transformers are certified by KEMA, CESI, V-check, CTQC, ISO9001 & 14001 and CE, our brand EACHER is the famous brand of Zhejiang province. Shenda is a worldwide partner for all power applications and industrial companies-Accordingly, the examples of our work are Global: Whether in South America, Asia or Europe, Whether in the desert or in specially demanding Applications. Thousands of plants run efficiently and reliably with our technology. 

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