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Rectifier Transformer

Rectifier transformer

Rectifier transformers are combined with a diode or thyristor rectifier. The applications range from very large aluminum electrolysis to various small and medium size operations. The transformers may have a built-in or separate voltage regulation unit for direct output regulation of diode rectifiers , and correspondingly a power factor improvement with a thyristor rectifiers.
1)    Low loss
2)    Low noise
3)    High efficiency
4)    Low partial discharge
5)    Strong mechanical strength and short-circuit withstand ability .
6)    Operation reliability
7)    Easy maintenance 
8)    Pretty outline and compact structure
9)    100% guaranteed no leakage
Brief specification
1)    Voltage class: 6~110 KV
2)    Capacity : 400KVA to 120,000 KVA
3)    Short-circuit impedance : 4.5~21%
Losses: No-load losses is fully comply with IEC standard requirements
1)    Aluminum smelting
2)    Magnesium smelting
3)    Copper smelting
4)    Zinc smelting
5)    The largest installations are those for aluminum electrolysis with several transformer/rectifier units in parallel operation to achieve the required DC current, in all cases the rectifier can be with diodes or thyristors.

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