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FAT for SIEMENS South Africa successfully passed in last week.

Sanjay Kumar Gupta,engineering director from Ircon International Limited,

Pieter van den Berg, senior engineering technologist from R&H Rail(Pty)Ltd,

Les.Licheniak, Engineering Manager from Siemens Proprietary Limited,

come to Shenda for factory acceptance tests from May 22th-May29th.

 As they will be applied to South Africa Railway Project, those transformers are mainly traction transformers, product types ranges from DQY-20000/88-25, S-3000/88-11, ZSS-QY-4950/88, S-50/2.36-0.415, D-25/27.5-0.24 to S-40/0.415-0.415.

Every single transformer has passed all comprehensive tests.

 Shenda will send installation engineers to South Africa for further installation guiding works after transformers arrival on substations.

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